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Internet Safety Presentation

On Tuesday September 16th, Officer Conway a Prince William County School Resource Officer has graciously offered to give our students and parents a presentation on Computer security/Internet safety, Sexting, and Bullying. 

CCA had Officer Conway speak to the students last year, and it was well received by CCA students, parents, and staff. Please consider joining us Tuesday September 16th. The student presentation begins at 1:30pm and the parent presentation will be begin at 7:00pm in the CCA Sanctuary.

Why should you attend this meeting? Consider this quote from author/pastor Tim Challies:

“It is difficult to try assigning any sort of inherent morality to individual technologies like the plow, the printing press, or the iPod. Even when we consider something like the technology behind nuclear fusion that created Tsar Bomba, we must recognize that the same technology that can level a city and kill hundreds of thousands can also provide power to that city—to its people, to its hospitals, enhancing the quality of life for its inhabitants. The same technology that allows doctors to operate on an unborn child, repairing its body within the womb, allows those doctors to also tear the baby from the womb. In other words, it is not the technology itself that is good or evil; it is the human application of that technology.”

 Challies, Tim (2011-04-05). The Next Story: Life and Faith after the Digital Explosion (Kindle Locations 282-287). Zondervan. Kindle Edition. 


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