2nd Grade Curriculum

Overview of Second Grade Curriculum

Language Arts, including Phonics, English, Spelling and Reading; Bob Jones University Press, McCall-Crabbs Comprehension Tests in Reading; Handwriting; A Beka Publications: Students continue to build on the reading and spelling vocabulary and use the rules of English usage properly in their creative writing. Reading comprehension is evaluated on a regular basis using the McCall-Crabbs Reading Comprehension Tests. Reading texts from Bob Jones University Press publications support the language arts curriculum. Independent reading in classroom library books and reading to students from classic children’s literature are an essential part of the program.

History and Geography: A-Beka Publications: The focus in this subject area in second grade is our American heritage. Topics for discussion include the following: our flag, our patriotic holidays, and our songs. Students will also learn about the people who built America. Some of the people groups covered in this year’s study are the Separatists, Native Americans, the Colonists, America’s Pioneers, America’s Cowboys, and the new Americans. The year concludes with a study of the America of the future.

Science: Bob Jones Publications: Topics that the second grade students cover in science include:

Earth Science: History of the earth: theories; fossils; A round earth: shape; people; in space; gravity: Layers of the earth: volcanoes; earthquakes; crust, center: Ocean shorelines; shorelines; beaches; sand: Space: How the earth moves: day and night; time zones; season; revolving

Life Science: Plants: annuals; biennials; perennials; gardening: Living and non-living organisms: moving; non-moving; need food, water and air; environment; behaviors; reproduction; growth: Habitats: environment; biomes; effects of wind and water communities; population

Human Body: Bones: bones and cartilage; shapes; joints; skeleton: Muscles: names; structures; in relation to bones, food and blood

Physical Science: Motion; forces: gravity; magnetic force; mechanical force; friction; laws of motion: Energy: Light and shadows: light source; light travels; transparent; translucent; opaque; shadows: Matter: Measuring length: units: standard units (inch, foot, yard, centimeter,

Mathematics—Association of Christian Schools International Purposeful Design Series (adopted by CCA school year 2012/2013): Based on God’s principles of the order of creation, Purposeful Design Mathematics is a comprehensive math curriculum that balances conceptual understandings of mathematics with appropriate drill and practice and allows students to practice the conceptual skills they have learned with meaningful, real life problems. The use of manipulatives is viewed as critical and necessary to the study of Mathematics. As students involve themselves in hands-on activities, they grasp the mathematical concept being presented.

At the second grade level students are introduced to and encouraged to master the following concepts:

  • Addition and subtraction: adding and subtracting three addends and columns and addition and subtraction of two and three digit numbers with and without regrouping

  • Multiplication as related to repeated addition; multiplication facts 2, 5 and 10 and introducing terms factor and product

  • Division: using sharing-type division and relating division to subtraction and multiplication

  • Patterns: skip-counting, odd and even and patterns on the hundred chart; symmetry

  • Number theory: reading and writing numerals to 9,999; equal to, less than and greater than

  • Place value: identifying whole numbers to thousands; place value identification and comparison

  • Factions and decimals: reading, writing, drawing and comparing fractions (1/2 to 1/8)

  • Measurement: US customary and metric: length, capacity, weight temperature; estimation and comparison

  • Time: analog and digital time to 5-minute intervals; elapsed time; calendar and seasons

  • Money: Value of coins (penny to half-dollar), finding equivalent amounts, adding and subtracting coins and dollar bills

  • Geometry: Plane figures: circles, triangles, quadrilaterals; Line segments and angles; Solid figures; cube and sphere

  • Algebra: Finding missing numbers using inverse operations; writing number sentences; Zero and order properties

  • Probability and Statistics: Collecting and recording data; making and interpreting bar graphs, pictographs and chart; understanding range of numbers

Bible: God and My Actions: The Association of Christian Schools International: Although all of our curricula is taught from a Christian perspective, the systematic study of God’s word is an essential element of the Christian school. Our choice of ACSI Bible curriculum was made after previewing many different publications. This non-denominational material teaches how to study God’s word and apply it in practical ways to our daily lives.


*Computer Instruction: Curriculum skillfully integrates classroom studies with computer skills. Students at all grade levels learn about keyboarding, desktop publishing, data base management, spreadsheets, multimedia presentations and all other components of the Virginia Standards of Learning in the area of technology.  

* Music: In weekly music classes, students are taught the fundamentals of rhythm and music theory. Students participate in the primary choral group of Christ Chapel Academy, the Soaring Singers and will be involved in two school musical programs. 

*Art: Students will learn about different techniques and about working with different media, as well as receiving an introduction to Art History. They are introduced to famous artist and see how Biblical stories and concepts have been illustrated through the ages with art.

*Spanish: Conversational Spanish is taught weekly to students through the use of games, stories and song.

*Chapel: The entire elementary school joins together in the church chapel for a short service each Wednesday morning. This is time of worship, prayer, and testimonies. Classes take turns presenting the weekly lessons. Christ Chapel pastors are frequent visitors.

We also offer at an additional fee:

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