Booster Club

Booster ClubThe CCA Booster Club was proud to have raised enough money last year to purchase the new scoreboard in the gymnasium. It is our desire to make a difference in every program at Christ Chapel Academy.

Vision Statement

The Christ Chapel Academy Booster Club shall be a voluntary, non-profit organization which has an interest in the athletic program at Christ Chapel Academy. The Booster Club is to be dedicated to developing a spirit of enthusiasm in the community in an effort to promote and sustain a climate of community interest, good sportsmanship and Christian character, and to offer financial and physical support where needed to the total athletic program of the school.

Contact Information

Booster President: Jean Carter, 
Booster Vice President: Denise Whitehead,
Athletic Director: John Green,  

Booster Club Membership Requirements

  1. A parent/grandparent/ or guardian of a student or alumni of Christ Chapel Academy
  2. Attending one Booster meeting a month which will not exceed one hour in duration
  3. Willingness to help with Booster Fundraising, most notably running the basketball concession stand during the winter season

Booster Club Information

To the CCA Booster Club,

I want to personally say thank you for helping to sponsor the purchase of the new soccer goals and other soccer related equipment. 

Very Respectfully,
David L. Dawdy
Men’s Soccer Coach

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