W Volleyball


Varsity Volleyball:
The Varsity Volleyball team will be led by Coach Ashleey Stevens.   This will be her second year at Christ Chapel Academy and she has really done a fantastic job training our young ladies.  We look forward to another successful season under her watch.  If you have any questions she can be reached at Ashleey.stevens@gmail.com.

Junior Varsity Volleyball:
Our JV volleyball team will be led by Coach Kristen Kellough.  This will be her second year to coach the girls.  She does a great job of developing our young ladies as they strive to play Varsity Volleyball.  Coach Kellough can be reached at Kristen.kellough@gmail.com.

Middle School Volleyball:
The Middle School Volleyball team will be led by Head Coach Erin Nuckols.  This is her second year working with the team.  We have a large middle school team and she does a great job working with our young ladies.  She can be reached at nuckolhead23@yahoo.com.




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