Before and After Care Program

Christ Chapel Academy offers a Before and After school program designed to help working parents. Our inclusive program  is Christ centered, safe and nurturing. The Before and After School program promotes the spiritual, physical,  intellectual,  and  social/emotional development of each student.

Here at CCA, your student will have the opportunity to have a snack, do their homework , and participate in various supplemental activities that promote the arts, physical fitness, social and thinking skills.

In addition, Christ Chapel Academy, offers special enrichment activities in coordination with the Before and After School program. Here is the list:

The following are CCA clubs for 2016-17 school year:

CCA Roaring Lions Bible Club
1st and up
Continuous   ($25.00 for cards)                                                        
September 7th & 8th

CCA Running Club                                                                       
3rd, 4th and 5th
6 week Session
September 12, 2016

CCA Cooking Club – Cooking with Ms. Karen                     
5th and up
6 week session ($80.00)                                                                      
October 5, 2016

Engineering for Kids                                                                        
Pre-K4, K, 1st 
Vendor Information                                                                                
September 16, 2016

C3Cyber Club                                                                                        
1st – 8th
Vendor Information                                                                                
September 16, 2016

Chess Club                                                                                              
Kindergarten – Up
10 week session  ($100.00)                                                                    
September 14, 2016

Arts and Craft Club                                                                      
4th grade and up
TBA – Debbie Glover

ASCI Afterschool clubs  -   Start in October

Math                                       Speech

Geography                             Spelling

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