Sports Scores + Upcoming Games

Game Results

Tuesday  3/28/2017

3:45 pm   MSGSc  VS  County Christian School            Lost  

4:00 pm   Golf  VS  Fredericksburg Christian School    

3:30 pm (A) CoEd Varsity Track vs Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School @ Pope John Paul            

Upcoming Games:

Thursday  3/30/2017

3:30 pm  VGSc  vs  Fredericksburg Academy     Out of class  2:20

Location: Howison Homestead Park Complex 

4:00 pm   Golf  @  Trinity Christian School     Out of class   2:25

Location: Westfield Country Club 

4:00 pm   MSGSc  @  Fredericksburg Academy     Out of class   2:10

Location: Fredericksburg Academy 

Saturday  4/1/2017

9:00 am (A) CoEd Varsity Track (Potomac School – McLean) @ Potomac School

12:00 pm (A) Girls Varsity Soccer (Christ Chapel vs Eastern Menno) Multiple Opponents (Tournament)

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