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A Day in the Life at a Christian Academy School

What does a Christian academy school day look like? Is there really any major difference between a Christian school curriculum and secular school curriculum? The short answer is yes, there absolutely is. When choosing a Christian school for your child, you are choosing both an excellent education and excellent values. Each lesson is not just about the books, but about where that information fits within the scope of Gods Word. When you look at it in this light, Christian school curriculum actually takes a much more holistic approach than most secular programs do, integrating information, morals, values, character education, and critical thinking into every aspect of the day. Here is what a typical day may look like at a Christian academy school.

A Christian Academy School Will Start the Day with a Biblical Worldview

The first moments of your childs day will be saturated with the Word of God. This might involve a devotional, a time of prayer, and perhaps a pledge of allegiance to the American and Christian flags. There is no better foundation for your childs learning than to start it off with time in the Word.

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A Diverse Array of Classes

In middle and high school, most students will attend seven different classes per day. These classes will cover core subjects, and a variety of electives. In every subject, the focus revolves around the Word of God. From math and science, to arts and humanities, every aspect of a Christian academy school is cast in the light of Gods Word. Your children won’t just learn the basic building blocks of academics, but how those building blocks support and uphold the ultimate truth of the Bible. The curriculum functions under the knowledge of an omnipotent Creator, and all the information taught thereof will reflect that central focus.

Education in Values

A unique aspect of Christian academy schools is that they do not just teach academics, but instill healthy morals and values as well. The curriculum will integrate the teachings of Jesus into every subject, communicating love, grace, and compassion with every word and every teacher/student interaction. A great Christian school will provide students with a top-notch education, and help them develop a Christ-centered moral compass. The best Christian schools produce Christ-like students who are empowered to go out into the world and make it a better place with their love and compassion.

Social and Physical Development

A combination of structured and unstructured play is essential to childrens social and physical development. Its critical for developing minds to be given free time to play, explore, and create on their own terms. This improves focus and performance during the rest of the school day, and helps them become problem-solvers from the earliest ages.

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Exciting Extracurricular and Service Opportunities

An excellent Christian school will offer students a wide array of extra-curriculars and ample opportunities for community service. Christ Chapel Academy is known for strong academic offerings and highly competitive athletic and art programs. Our High School was chosen as a Top High School in Virginia by Virginia Living Magazine two years in a row, for our innovative Cyber Security Program and our annual Missions trip to Albania, respectively. Our academy was chosen as the Top Private School in Prince William County for five years in a row by readers of Prince William  

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