Profile of a small child gripping a bible while closing his eyes in prayer.

Proven Benefits of a Christian Education

If you are considering the benefits of a Christian education for your child, you may be wondering if it’s worth it in the long term. Private Christian schools can be a significant financial investment, so how can you know your dollars have been well spent? Will your investment really matter in the great scheme of your child’s life? Here are …

Middle school child studying the bible.

4 Reasons to Choose A Christian Middle School

Are you considering a Christian middle school for your child? If you have a tween or pre-teen,  you know what a perfect storm of emotional chaos these years can be. Nestled between elementary and high school lie some of the most uncomfortable years your child may ever experience. Middle school is a critical time in a young person’s development. This …

Children learning in an early childhood learning center.

What Is An Early Childhood Learning Center?

What is an early childhood learning center? Put simply, it’s an exceptional facility for pre-elementary learning, play, and growth. Accredited pre-k programs can contribute to healthy emotional and social development in young children. Early childhood education involves a collection of theories, principles, and teaching strategies that ensure children are getting the very best academic foundation from the earliest age possible. …

Child praying and building character in an elementary Christian school.

Will An Elementary Christian School Help My Child Build Character?

When choosing an elementary Christian school, you might be asking yourself: “Will this help my child build Christ-like character?” It’s an important question, especially during the formative early childhood years. You want the best for your little one, and helping them become a respectful, kind young person is probably high on your list of priorities. Here’s how the right Christian …

Kids playing at affordable Christian schools.

6 Ways to Find Affordable Christian Schools

Finding affordable Christian schools can seem like a daunting task, but with careful planning, it doesn’t have to be. You might be surprised to learn how many options for tuition assistance, tax breaks, and scholarships are available to you! Not all private Christian schools are created equal, and with careful research, you should be able to find one that meets …

Child being nurtured in a Christian preschool academy

Will My Child Be Nurtured in a Preschool Christian Academy?

Don’t be intimidated by the title “preschool Christian academy.” It doesn’t represent an elite, tiny person’s Ivy League university. It’s just another way of looking at a great, values-based preschool experience for your child. So will your child be nurtured in a Christian preschool academy? Of course, they will! Here’s why:

early learning

The Importance of Play in Early Learning

Play is an essential part of your child’s early learning. And it’s not just about burning off all their extra energy so that they can focus on the lesson (though that plays a part), it’s about learning through play. For early learners, play is about solving problems in the world around them and interacting with others. When they play, they …

preschool curriculum

Preschool Curriculum: What Will My Child Learn in Preschool?

From problem solving to writing letters and numbers, a typical preschool curriculum will give your child the tools they need to begin kindergarten. A Typical Preschool Curriculum: Problem Solving Young children learn a great deal about solving problems while playing with other children. When stacking blocks, a child is keenly focused on stacking them just the right way or else …