CCA Senior Gives Back

Christine Segnari (Class of 2020) set out to complete a project to serve others at Christ Chapel Academy. She writes about her summer 2019 project to remodel the library below.

Hello, my name is Christine Segnari, I am a senior at Christ Chapel Academy and an ambassador in Girl Scouts. Recently, I have completed my Gold Award project, which is the most prestigious award in the world for girls in high school. I wanted elementary students to love reading as much as I do, so I came up with the idea to remodel my school’s library. I wanted to make the library colorful, modern, and organized, so it would be inviting for the younger students. Therefore, with the help of many volunteers and strenuous hours, my Gold Award project began during the summer. By “Back-to-School Night”, the library had a colorful accent wall, a color-coded labeling system (by genre), and new furniture (including: tables, chairs, ottomans, lamps, a rug, and a teacher’s desk).

I held a presentation, during “Back-to-School Night”, demonstrating all of the effort I put into the Gold Award project and the impact I wanted it to make. Currently, I conducted a survey to see how the parents and elementary students believe the library has impacted them (whether positively or negatively and what new information they have learned as a result of the library).

Here are the results:

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