Why Choose A Christian Academy?

Are you considering moving your child from a public school and into a private school? There are a few different kinds of private schools you could consider, but a Christian academy should definitely be on your list. Why? Let’s talk about it.

3 Reasons to Send Your Child to A Christian Academy:

1. Support Core Values and Character Development

You can find comfort knowing that what you teach your child at home is also encouraged during the school day. Teachers are not only concerned with academic material, but they are also invested in your child’s spiritual formation. On top of that, your child’s friends will come from similar faith backgrounds and hold similar values. Considering that your child spends the majority of their day in school, it’s comforting to know that they are in an encouraging, nurturing environment, full of friends that you want them to spend time around. After all, these school years are where your child will develop much of their worldview and self-image.

2. Better Student:Teacher Ratio

A private Christian academy usually offers smaller class sizes than those in public schools. Smaller class sizes means that your child will have more opportunities to interact with their teachers and receive one-on-one attention. They create a tight-knit community that allow teachers to invest more into your child. According to, The Center for Public Education, a class size of no more than 18 students per teacher is required to produce the greatest benefits.

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3. Developing a Personal Connection to Their Faith

A Christian academy gives your child the opportunity to explore their faith in a different context. They know what their faith looks like at church and at home, but what does it look like in an environment with their peers? Our walks with God are all unique, and a Christian academy is a great environment for your child to begin to discover theirs.


Come to our open house if you would like to learn about more of the reasons why a Christian academy like Christ Chapel is the right choice for your child.

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  1. I like that you talk about how Christian academies can help children explore their faith in a different context as well as encourage and support their values. This could help kids grow up with a strong spiritual and educational background. When choosing where to send your child, you’d probably want to get referrals from friends, families, and members of your church to find one in your area that offers quality academics and follows your values and beliefs.

    1. Post

      Yes! Its definitely important to encourage students in their faith and values, but also give them a safe space to explore and question.

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