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4 Reasons to Choose A Christian Middle School

Are you considering a Christian middle school for your child? If you have a tween or pre-teen,  you know what a perfect storm of emotional chaos these years can be. Nestled between elementary and high school lie some of the most uncomfortable years your child may ever experience. Middle school is a critical time in a young person’s development. This is when they start to figure out who they are and what they have to offer the world. Now is when they and start to envision what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Shepherding your middle schooler during these challenging years may be the most critical work you do during the course of their education. Here are some reasons to consider a Christian middle school for your child:

1. These years are tough. A Christian middle school could make them easier.

Middle school is a time of tremendous physical and emotional upheaval, which often leads to insecurity. Not to mention drama with peers, and even more drama with the opposite sex. These are just a few reasons that choosing a Christian middle school might be right for your family. It can provide a safer, more nurturing environment for your growing preteen then they might find in a public school.

2. Your child needs healthy role models.

These years are a critical time in your child’s life for establishing relationships with healthy role models. Take steps to ensure your pre-teen is surrounded by Christ-like, Jesus-loving individuals who want to invest in their lives. These healthy attachments will put them on a more stable path than their peers who lack such relationships. The more positive influences who can be pouring into your child’s life and reinforcing Godly values, the better.

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3. Academics are critical in middle school.

Middle school is also a time when academics really start to matter. If you want your child to be successful in high school, they need a firm foundation. An excellent academic program in middle school will help ensure they are performing to their full potential in. Private schools will offer smaller class sizes, highly educated and caring teachers, and top-notch extracurriculars. All of these can assist in giving your child the foundation they need for an extremely successful high school career.

4. Values start to solidify in middle school.

Education in core values in this age group is more than essential. In such a transitional time of development, middle school students desperately need a strong moral compass. Studies have suggested that what a child believes when they are 14 years old is likely what they will believe for the rest of their life. This unique season needs to be handled gently to help students establish a healthy sense of self-worth. A knowledge which can only truly come from the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.


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