College Preparedness

At Christ Chapel Academy,

we desire for each and every one of
our students to be released after graduation as outstanding citizens who will go forth and make the world a better place with a Christ-like heart for the marginalized.

Our vision is to cultivate a Christ-centered community that unleashes the leadership potential within each student.

We desire to be distinguished as a premier Christian school where every student recognizes their leadership potential and their ability to contribute to the world.

From 8th grade through every year of high school, our educators integrate a strong future-focus into every hour spent learning and growing at Christ Chapel Academy.

Each of our graduates steps off of our campus thoroughly equipped to work hard, achieve their goals, realize their dreams, and be Christ-like lovers of people for a lifetime.

Post High School Vision

Take a look at our post high school vision guide and see where your child is headed after their high school years.

A Future-Focused Growth Plan for 8th-12th Grade


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College Prep.

Get ahead of the game by earning college credit while in high school.

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