Children learning in an early childhood learning center.

What Is An Early Childhood Learning Center?

What is an early childhood learning center? Put simply, it’s an exceptional facility for pre-elementary learning, play, and growth. Accredited pre-k programs can contribute to healthy emotional and social development in young children. Early childhood education involves a collection of theories, principles, and teaching strategies that ensure children are getting the very best academic foundation from the earliest age possible. All while carefully nurturing healthy attachments to peers and caregivers. Here’s what you will find in an excellent early childhood learning center:

1. An early childhood learning center offers small class sizes.

Small class sizes have been proven to provide a better educational outcome for young children than larger class sizes. The maximum student to teacher ratio should be 10 to 1, but smaller is even better. Small classes allow for more one-on-one teacher/student interaction. This allows ample time to invest in nurturing caregiver attachments.

2. Committed, caring faculty.

Children benefit tremendously from consistency, especially in their caregivers. A stable, consistent faculty will create the healthiest learning environment for your child. Long-term faculty loyalty is essential. High-quality programs invest in their teachers and are always working to improve work culture. These practices lead to more consistency and less turnover.

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3. Creative learning environments.

A great early childhood learning center might look a bit chaotic at first glance. The classroom will be busy, active, and creative. Young children learn through play, hands-on experience, and social interaction. Their classrooms should reflect this type of controlled chaos. Look for creative structures, fresh ideas, and lots of active and even outdoor time for students. Excellent early childhood learning centers will utilize a combination of arts, literacy, and social development.

4. Early childhood learning centers look beyond academics.

At an early childhood learning center, play is learning and learning is play. Children learn best through first-hand experience, and play is an enormous part of that. The best programs maximize the way children naturally learn through socialization and carefully-curated interactive play environments.

5. Learning that reflects your values.

Perhaps most importantly of all, a Christian early childhood learning center will set a biblical foundation. Helping your child understand the love of Jesus Christ in pre-k will help them gain a positive worldview and a healthy self-image. That, combined with relationships with caregivers who love Jesus, will foster an environment that is equally nurturing and intellectually engaging.

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