Living Life Offline: Getting Kids Off the Couch on Summer Days

Summer is here, and you’re probably looking for ways to get your kids off the couch. It’s so important for them to use their imaginations and to connect with people around them. Spending time outdoors is a great way to instill values and traditions in your children that they can carry throughout their lives — long after their current devices are out of date.

Tips for Getting Kids Off the Couch on Summer Days

1. Pick a day each week when your kids will spend time outside without their devices.

A routine will help your kids get used to the time spent without their devices or in instant contact with their peers.

2. If feasible, schedule your offline time in blocks that you can increase over time.

This way, your kids get used to the idea of being away from their device, without quitting cold turkey.

3. Make driving time a device-free activity.

For example, if you drive your family somewhere, look up some car games that you can all play together.

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Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids in the Summer

1. Plan a nature walk.

If you live near a wooded area in a park or a nature center, this is a fantastic way to get your kids outside. Try incorporating it into a weekly, or even daily, routine. Connect your kids with their surroundings during the walk, seeing how many different types of plants, trees, and flowers they spot. And have your older children brush up on the scientific classification of plants before the nature walk, getting them engaged in the event before it starts.

2. Make sidewalk chalk dolls

For your little kids, this activity is great for getting them outside — even when they’re drawing on pavement just outside your home. First, help your children trace each other with chalk. Then have them dress up the outlines with clothes (you can use old ones that they’ve outgrown). It’s a fun way for a budding fashionista to have a fashion show!

3. Take your kids to sporting events.

Not only do these events make for exciting outdoor activities, but they’re great places for your kids to learn to focus on something without looking at their phones every few minutes. Teach them the importance of hydrating properly, eating healthy snacks, and using sunscreen. Lastly, teach them about the basics of good sportsmanship — and emulate those positive behaviors yourself.

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