Race for Education

Race for Education (RFE) is our annual Fall Fundraiser.  Students raise support, for participating in a school wide race, from family, friends, and businesses through letters we provide. The second component is our Family Fun Day experience.  After racing, students will have the opportunity to enjoy games, rides, inflatables etc.  10% of funds raised will go to Missions—Specifically, the missions work of our students and to support our partner school in Myanmar!

We are excited to work with local business partners like Mathnasium and Safford Hyundai.  More sponsors here

Education Improvement Scholarship Program

The Compassion Foundation provides technical, financial and strategic planning support to faith-based organizations involved in the education, training and development of a new generation of community leaders. Compassion Foundation is affiliated with local, independent charities.

The Compassion Foundation now has the ability to provide scholarships for students with limited resources. Students from low-income families, who would otherwise not have access to private school education, now have this opportunity. Supporters of the Compassion Foundation make this possible for children in need AND realize a significant tax savings as a result.

Individuals and businesses who contribute to the foundation, and who pay taxes in the Commonwealth of Virginia, are eligible to receive a 65% state tax credit as part of the Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credit program.  The 65% tax credit is in addition to current state and federal tax deductions for monetary donations.

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How to Donate

1. Obtain the Preauthorization Form from the Compassion Foundation or the Virginia Department of Education website.

2. Submit the completed Preauthorization Form, by U.S. Mail, to the Virginia Department of Education: Virginia Department of Education, 25th Floor, Attn: Scholarship Tax Credit Program, P.O. Box 2120, Richmond, VA 23218-2120.

3. Within 30 days, the DOE will send you a Preauthorization Notice indicating your tax credits have been approved.

4. Return the Preauthorization Notice with your check or securities transfer information to the foundation within 180 days of the date of the Notice. (Preauthorization becomes void after 180 days.) Make checks payable to the Compassion Foundation (Memo: Scholarships Tax Credits).

Preauthorization Form  Contact Brian Citizen

Combined Federal Campaign (Code 53816)

The CFC is the Federal Government’s employee’s way to send charitable contributions to their selected organizations through payroll deduction.