How Dual Enrollment Can Shape Your Student’s Future

Dual enrollment allows a student to earn college credit and satisfy the high school requirement for the subject at the same time. This program is a fantastic way to earn college credit during high school, while also challenging your student with more advanced coursework.

A Parent’s Perspective

Lisa Johnson, a proud parent at Christ Chapel Academy in Woodbridge, VA, recently sat down with us to talk about her son James and his experience with CCA’s dual enrollment program. James attended CCA from 2nd grade through high school, and he graduated as valedictorian of the class of 2018 with an acceptance to UVA and plans to go into pre-med.

“Christ Chapel’s dual enrollment program was a positive experience that improved James’ skills and has made him a more well-rounded individual and student. The program provided James with the opportunity to test the waters in other academic areas that may be of interest. The dual enrollment program has better prepared James for the transition from high school to college.”

Lisa shared that she would absolutely recommend Christ Chapel Academy’s dual enrollment program to other families. She was “attracted to CCA due to its solid reputation as a private school with small class sizes and its commitment to Christian beliefs.”

Setting Students Up For Success

Now that college lies before him, James is ready for new challenges and adventures. He will be attending the University of Virginia this Fall and plans to major in Biology or Molecular Biology. He aspires to become a doctor/medical scientist focusing on immunology and infectious diseases. Lisa said that his role model is Jonas Salk, the medical scientist that discovered the polio vaccine.

“I strongly feel that dual enrollment gave James an edge in preparing for college. Dual enrollment gave James the opportunity to polish his writing skills, sharpened his critical thinking, and gave him exposure to college-level requirements and expectations.” As a high-achieving student, this kind of program was just what James needed to succeed.

That Extra Push Your Student Needs

“James is an individual that seeks out knowledge and challenges. He is a dedicated student that self-manages his studies. The dual enrollment program provided James the opportunity to be exposed to subject matters outside of the standard curriculum. The program also provided James with the challenge of completing higher level assignments that have prepared him for college. Bottom line: James needed the challenge!”

James is well on his way to becoming a successful adult who might just change the world for the better. Christ Chapel Academy strives to launch students like this into the world every year, and clearly, they are succeeding.

Learn more about Christ Chapel Academy’s dual enrollment program and see how your student can start earning college credit today!

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