Child being nurtured in a Christian preschool academy

Will My Child Be Nurtured in a Preschool Christian Academy?

Don’t be intimidated by the title “preschool Christian academy.” It doesn’t represent an elite, tiny person’s Ivy League university. It’s just another way of looking at a great, values-based preschool experience for your child. So will your child be nurtured in a Christian preschool academy? Of course, they will! Here’s why:

1. If teachers love Jesus, well, they will love your child too.

To teachers at a Christian preschool academy, your child isn’t seen as a paycheck. Your child is a precious creation that needs to be shepherded with the love of Jesus. If your child’s teachers love Jesus, they will care for His children with excellence and compassion. Plus, a Christian preschool academy will be exceptionally selective when choosing the very best educators to meet your child’s needs.

2. Preschool age children learn through play and socialization, not academics.

If you’re wary of an overly structured academic environment for your preschoolers, fear not. Very young children learn most effectively through play, socializing, and loving interaction with adult caregivers. Playtime isn’t a break from learning, it is learning. Nurturing contact with caregivers is also essential to their emotional and social development, making it a critical aspect of their school day.

3. An excellent education and a loving environment are not mutually exclusive.

The best preschool programs create the ideal balance between a top-notch educational foundation and nurturing interactions with loving caregivers. When done right, a great preschool will help your child prepare for success in elementary school, as well as help them develop secure relational attachments and healthy self-worth.

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4. A program based in God’s Word is the most nurturing program of all.

More than anything else, exposing your child to the Word of God early and often will set them on the right path. Helping them understand the complete and unconditional love of Jesus from an early age will foster a secure sense of self-esteem, develop empathy, and help them grow into compassionate human beings. In a wonderful preschool Christian academy, your little one will be nurtured primarily by what matters most: a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

If you’d like your preschooler to be nurtured while being taught at Christ Chapel Academy, please contact us today! We would love to speak with you.

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