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The Importance of Play in Early Learning

Play is an essential part of your child’s early learning. And it’s not just about burning off all their extra energy so that they can focus on the lesson (though that plays a part), it’s about learning through play. For early learners, play is about solving problems in the world around them and interacting with others. When they play, they are not only developing physically but also mentally and socially.

Playing the Distractions Away

Is your little one a ball of energy? Pent up energy can often lead restlessness, an inability to focus, and behavior that hinders the learning process. By giving them a healthy and safe outlet for all of this energy, children become more focused and eager to learn and sit still—just for a little while!

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Learning Through Play

Children learn as they interact with others and their environment. This is one reason why play is so valuable in their education. They are learning while having fun: what better way to instill a love of learning in them?

Children also get the opportunity to put ideas and morals that they’ve observed into action when playing. Young ones learn things like sharing, honesty, and fairness. It serves as a great avenue for not only scholarly education but also moral and life lessons.

The Importance of Socializing

Professor Jordan Peterson has written extensively and spoken about the need for younger children to socialize with others. In fact, this is absolutely crucial for their development as functional people in society. By playing, children can begin to understand how people interact. It allows them to comprehend human nature and how people should be treated.

Play is absolutely essential for a young child’s learning and overall development. Early learning centers (or preschools) offer a convenient way to ensure children get the playtime needed for proper development.

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