High School Programs

Dual Enrollment

Your child can start earning college credit right now.

This program allows qualifying students to earn college credit right on Christ Chapel Academy’s campus, all while completing their high school education. Your child could graduate from high school with a full year of college already completed. The possibilities are endless.

$30,000 In Your Pocket

If your student completes a full year of college at Christ Chapel Academy, you’ll save an entire year’s worth of tuition.

What does the program look like?

All classes are taught on campus at Christ Chapel Academy, keeping students immersed in our top-notch educational environment. Currently available to high school seniors, students must be enrolled at Christ Chapel Academy for at least three years before they can participate in dual enrollment

College credit earned through our dual enrollment program will be accepted at any Virginia school. Whether your student completes a full year of college through the program, or just earns enough credits to get them started, they are NOVA credits, which guarantees transfer credits anywhere in the state of Virginia.
No! Each class is taught by teachers holding a master’s degree at no additional charge. Courses taught by Christ Chapel Academy educators will help you rest assured that your child is earning college credit with a Gospel-centered worldview.
Besides the obvious academic enrichment, this program can actually save your family a great deal of money in the long run. Consider this: the average Virginia university will cost you upwards of $919.50 per credit hour. Just thirty credit hours of college, a fraction of an undergraduate degree, will potentially cost your family $27,585. If your student completes a full year of college at Christ Chapel, you’ll save an entire year’s worth of college tuition. The numbers don’t lie. The investment you make in your child’s education on our campus will pay dividends for years to come.

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