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What Does A Typical Preschool Day Look Like?

Before you send your child off to preschool, you’ll want to know what a typical preschool day looks like. What will they learn? Will they receive enough support and nurturing? Here is what an average day at preschool will look like.

Typical Preschool Day:

Learning to Learn

One of the primary functions of a preschool program is helping young children learn how to learn. Preschool teachers help children learn to build an attention span, and students learn to listen attentively to both adults and other children. They practice sharing and taking turns through playtime in the classroom. Children learn patience when they are taught to raise their hand and wait to be called on before speaking, as well as how to follow multi-step directions. Teachers use visual cues, kind reminders, and fun games to help children learn helpful life skills.


Teachers make reading and writing fun for young children. In addition to reading aloud, teachers encourage the students to explain what’s happening in the pictures and ask them simple comprehension questions.

Preschool students practice making up their own stories with dramatic play during playtime. They work on writing skills by telling stories with their drawings or by imitating the way adults use writing. Throughout their time in preschool, this kind of pre-writing will progress from pictures and scribbles to include letter attempts to spell actual words.

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Preschool is a time when children are building an early foundation for mathematical understanding. By practicing with calendars and games children will begin to count, understand one-to-one correspondence and make connections between numerals and quantities. In addition, students will develop mathematical understanding through play with blocks and other toys.

Instruction is delivered in short sessions, and students have many opportunities to develop their understanding in preschool. Children also will learn to sort items according to different attributes—they use shapes to create designs and build structures. They play games that involve planning and strategy to develop their logical thinking abilities.

At Christ Chapel Academy, our preschool teachers are early childhood experts. They know how to adapt their teaching to meet the needs of each individual student, while still nurturing them. They integrate Bible stories and songs as well as prayer throughout the day. Get in touch for more information!

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